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LibreOffice Calc

Organizes input data into spreadsheets for export and editing.
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Create spreadsheets in the application included in the LibreOffice package by grouping selected data into tables, columns and rows and applying formulas for automated calculation based on the numerical values in selected cells. Real-time editing is possible.

  • Built-in statistical tools
  • Direct formatting to edit cells
  • Supports styles and templates
  • Scenario Manager to forecast and analyze data
  • Calc formulas
  • DataPilot technology to arrange and summarize data
  • Multi-user support
  • Available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android


  • A wide range of supported formats
  • Built-in formulas
  • Supports multiple users
  • Uses DataPilot technology
  • Exports data to PDF
  • Precise formulas creation


  • Limited calculation options
  • No integrated cloud storage
  • No macro recording
  • Simple formatting only
Latest version: 6.2.3
Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7
Update date: May 15, 2019
File name: libreoffice_6.1.0_win_x86.msi (250.2 MB)
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