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Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell

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Issue commands and perform system administration operations.
latest version, 100% clean

‘‘Issue commands and perform system administration operations’’

Reviewed by Mike
Access and manage system commands and scripts. Work with the dedicated platform for command-line operations enabling expanded system administration and automation of certain processes. Work with the scripting language tools to generate custom sequences.
  • Key features
  • Screenshots
  • 100% safe download
  • Multi-program control automation
  • Quick scripting options
  • Requires a lot of manual tweaking in the system

Download Windows PowerShell

Latest version: 7.2.2
Developed by Microsoft
License: Free
Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7
Update date: June 18, 2022
File name: powershell-7.2.4-win-x86.msi (93.3 MB)
Download Windows PowerShell
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