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An Evernote client for notes and events.
latest version, 100% clean

‘‘An Evernote client for notes and events’’

Reviewed by Daniel
Create notes and organize events in a Java-based environment. Duplicate or delete materials, change the title color in the list to spot them easier, pin and unpin items, print or send them via email, export them to a file, and import them at a later time or another computer.
  • Key features
  • Screenshots
  • 100% safe download
  • Synchronized notebook support
  • Local encryption
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • May fail to access a note and save editing

Download NixNote

Latest version: 1.4
Developed by Randy Baumgarte
License: Free
Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7
Update date: November 29, 2021
File name:
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