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Download Best PC Games 2018 for Free

Last updated on August 13, 2018

‘‘Download and play the best PC games 2018 for free: Minecraft, GTA IV, League of Legends, Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls, War Thunder and Plants vs. Zombies’’

Written by Dora

Download Best PC Games 2018 for Free

The world of games is constantly developing, it is quite easy to lose yourself in the endless sea of them. They differ in genres: arcades, simulations, sandboxes, battle arenas, online or offline, strategies, collectible cards games. Look through this list of best PC games 2018 and make your choice which game to play today.


The cubic world full of dangers awaits you. Minecraft is a sandbox game. This means that you enter the world without any limitations to your creativity. This is a game with the open final - you decide what will be created and how far you will go. It has several modes: survival and creative.


In the survival mode of Minecraft, you mine resources, fight creatures of the dark, hunt for food, and build your house. In the creative mode, your resources will never end and there are no enemies, so you can devote yourself to the creation of unusual buildings. It also supports the cooperative mode for up to ten players.

Official website:    To download it, click here

GTA IV: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto is an action adventure game which has won the minds of many gamers. It is on the scene for quite a while already, but it is still popular. It has an open world without strict quests to be followed and allows for the player’s interaction with the world.

Starting a gameStarting a game

San Andreas is based on California and Nevada. This is a single-player adventure in which you are to reestablish your old gang and reveal the truth behind your mother’s murder. You can crush almost anything, drive cars, and live in this digital world.

Official website: To download it, click here

League of Legends

League of Legends is a battle arena with a fast-paced action and strategy involved. Take control over a hero and occupy a role in a team as a tank, fighter, support, assassin, marksman or mage. Form a team or join duels fighting one by one. New heroes are opened as you advance in the game and win tournaments.

Strategy gameWelcome screen

There are several maps available in League of Legends: Summoner’s Rift, The Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss. Choose the role that suits you the most, learn which items are ideal for your character and lead your team to the victory. This game will raise your adrenaline level.

Official website: To download it, click here

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Card-collectible games are popular all over the world, and not so long ago the digital variants. Hearthstone is just the case. You take on the role of a mage, assassin, or any other character from the available list. By winning games you gain new cards, in-game currency for upgrades, and boosters.

Main interfaceLaunching the game

Hearthstone provides the possibility to buy boosters, making your card collection stronger at a faster pace.
The cards you have do matter as they are what takes you to victory. If you like Magic the Gathering (the well-known card game) you are likely to enjoy this one as well. All battles are card duels against other players or Artificial intelligence.

Official website: To download it, click here

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

This card-collectible game may be seen as a competitor to Hearthstone mentioned above, but it differs a lot. Yes, you also have to collect cards and can not only win boosters but also buy them or get for special quests. The Legends is themed on the world of Elder Scrolls, providing heroes and units from this vast and thoroughly developed world.

Collect cradsCover image

You learn the basics through a story of Legends and collect several decks on the go. At first, you go through duels against the computer, then the time of real players comes. Each battle may have peculiarities due to the field special conditions. This digital card-collectible game has a fresh feel to the genre. It can be recommended to try.

Official website: To download it, click here

War Thunder

The last but not least on the list is this war-simulation game. War Thunder combines both on-land and sky fights on tanks and planes. You install one game and can join in both types of warfare. This is an online game with multiple users logged in at the same time.

War simultationBegin your story

You choose the side for yourself and start the War Thunder game, with time winning new machines and improving your skills. The looks of each machine may be customized. The game itself is free, but you can buy additional content for it like highly featured tanks and powerful planes. It a nice alternative to the well-known World of Tanks game, if you enjoy switching between land and air.

Official website: To download it, click here

Plants vs. Zombies

Do you have a garden? No matter the answer, here is your chance to grow your own and to protect it from the undead. The game features elements of strategy as you have to plan your actions and how you plant your seeds.  The task is to not let the zombies enter your property. As you progress, new plants become available.

Start playing

The game is dynamic and very addictive. Plants and zombies are drawn in a beautiful and fun manner, so the graphics are enjoyable and contribute to the overall impression. This is a single-person game.

Official website: To download it, click here